Why to choose Turkey and WorldClinica for your medical treatment abroad

Why to choose Turkey and WorldClinica for your medical treatment abroad

Why to choose Turkey and WorldClinica for your medical treatment abroad

Turkey is one of the leading countries in healthcare, with its high-tech hospitals, using the latest devices in the guidance of experienced medical teams. Competitive prices for healthcare combined with high-quality standards and facilities has made Turkey to be one of the most popular countries when it comes to hair restoration and plastic surgery.

The Health Ministry of Turkey announced that 550.000 foreign patients visited Turkey in 2018 for their medical treatments. Turkey has a high number of specialized hospitals in bariatric and metabolic surgery, plastic surgery, transplantation and oncologic treatments alongside its affordable prices, high-quality and hygienic service. There are several reasons for why Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for health tourism.

High Quality, latest technique and affordable prices

Turkey offers high class standards on its treatments while using the latest technology. Turkey is the leading country with the highest number of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals in the world. In Turkey most clinics are very modernized and equipped with the latest standards of foremost resources. Turkey has strived for a high-level modernization when it comes to its medical infrastructure, meaning that their medical facilities even surpass international standards. If you choose Turkey as your destination for your medical treatment, you’ll be able to choose from the most advanced technologies and techniques. Furthermore, Turkey has very high standards of becoming a doctor or a member of the medical team which leads to a highly qualified staff.

Turkey provides better quality treatment at lower costs compared to Europe and the U.S. The main reason behind the cheaper costs in Turkey is due to lower living and labor costs, which allows treatment prices to be more affordable than other European countries. However, it is of upmost importance to watch out for very low prices. You may have come across with some very low prices where unexperienced and unlicensed technicians perform the surgery, and this may lead to irreversible consequences.

Top quality service

Travelling to a different country to receive treatment can be time-consuming. However, hair transplant and plastic surgery hospitals/clinic in Turkey have high experience in dealing with international patients. Many of them are able to offer translation services in your own language, thanks to multi-lingual staff. Patients are also offered customized treatment packages, in which they receive assist with the booking and arrangements of everything related to the surgery, hotel and airport-pickups. We provide with the same service at WorldClinica. Our patient coordinators will provide with all information and assist you before, during and after procedure to ensure that you have a flawless and comfortable treatment and experience.

No waiting list

Waiting lists for hair transplant and plastic surgeries in the UK or US can last several months. This can be stressful for many patients who are looking to undergo treatment as soon as possible. When it comes to scheduling appointments in Turkey there is nearly no waiting list so you can easily schedule on your own surgery or treatment accordingly your own plans. This allows you to plan your treatment and travel in the last minute, or for a time that you prefer.

Treatment & holiday

Turkey also give you a chance to combine your treatment with an amazing holiday. Istanbul is a spectacular city. While many patients come to Turkey for their medical treatments, they also get the chance to visit this magnificent city. Istanbul is filled with layer upon layer of history, culture, and incredible food.

Why to choose WorldClinica?

If you are looking for a high-quality surgery in Istanbul, at WorldClinica we are experts and have high experience in hair transplantation & plastic surgery. Using the latest technologies along with high quality facilities and experienced surgeons, we provide the best treatments in Turkey with optimal results. Our medical team will give you an honest evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure in question or if you just need medication or any other alternative to solve your issues.  We conduct our business with integrity, first and foremost with our patients in mind. We will never talk you into getting any medical procedure you do not need, which is unfortunately the case with many other clinics.

Choosing the right clinic is the most important decision you will make when it comes achieving the best possible result and that is why you should choose WorldClinica that focuses solely on providing high quality treatments. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a customized service. We have a team of friendly and professional staff and expert surgeons who understand the importance of this decision and will support you throughout your journey with us.