It is mostly know as androgenic alopecia and is the type of hairloss that occurs more often in men. The patient starts losing his hair in a well-defined pattern, beginning above the temples and with time, it gets an M shape; furthermore, the crown area gets affected, the hair gets thinner or miniaturized. The main cause of this type of alopecia is a genetic factor and also excess of DHT (male hormones).


The doctor usually takes the patients family background and microscopical check of the skin into consideration and blood tests and scalp biopsy may also be carried out.

Treatment For Male Pattern Baldness

Unfortunately there is no cure for androgenic alopecia, however there are medical treatments that help to decrease the progression of this problem. Medical care consists in use of medications as Finasteride and Minoxidil (please check the link MEDICATIONS for further information). Some patients also use temporary solutions like cosmetic camouflage like topik, wigs and hair pieces.